Pocket Pisser STP - Pre made

Pocket Pisser STP - Pre made


$8.25 with postage.

We have not put a price on the STP as the website automatically puts a set postage cost on all postage orders and that will cover the cost of the STP and postage

This product is pre made and ready to go.


1. You can either fold the plastic sheet in half, so that it looks like a taco or you can roll it so it's more like a tube. Whichever works for you.

2. Stand with your legs approx. shoulder width apart.

3. Press the narrow end firmly against your body, behind all of your junk. You can do this through the fly, or by pulling your underwear down slightly to allow the device to be over the top of your underwear waistband.

4. Tilt the open end slightly down. Make sure the end clears your pants.

5. Relax and let flow.

It works at a urinal

Fits in your pocket.

Works with a packer in place.

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