Membership to FTM Shed Inc.

Membership to FTM Shed Inc.

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FTM Shed Inc. Membership Renewal

To keep the meetings and social events, clothes and binder swap going costs dollars. We have insurance to protect our members at meetings, Carnival and Pride March. Membership is your way to say "Yes" to support these activities and keep The Shed going.

Members have the opportunity to help out on committee if they wish. All memberships must be accepted by committee under incorporated association rules. 

Social Members pay an annual fee of $20 (concession $15). 

Full Members, who wish to be involved in running the association, attending committee meetings, planning regular meetings and attending the AGM pay an annual fee of $25.

There is also the option to become a Foundation Member involving a once off $50. (Normal $25 in subsequent years.) This is a way to help with setup costs of the Incorporation and offers you full membership. There are only 50 of these memberships and come with the limited edition Foundation Member enamel badge.

Thank you for your support. 

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