The Shed Rules


To make sure all our interactions, face to face and virtual, work well for everyone we ask that people think of others and follow the following guidelines..


Rules for Shed spaces


Use Normal Social Behaviour

We are a support group run by volunteers from our community. Be as respectful here as in any public place or work place. As they say on the walls of the Joy94.9 studios, “If you wouldn't do it at work, don't do it here.”


Pronouns (he/she, him/her, they/them etc.)

Try to address others here as they identify. If in doubt, ask them.


Differences of Opinion

The trans community is very diverse. We will all hold different viewpoints and opinions. Be tolerant. Everyone may speak as long as they do not hurt others with the way they represent their views. You will not agree or like everything shared here. Take away what works for you and use it. When sharing your experience or thoughts say “this is what I did or what works for me” It is not a  debate or battle to be won, just a discussion.

And share the air time as we say or we will bring in a talking stick. :)


Disclosure and Privacy

Not everyone is “Out” to the general world. For people to feel safe to share in The Shed's space we ask what is said and shared there stays there. That goes for photos too. If you take a picture of you and your mates, make sure you are not posting someone else in the background of the shot when you share it.


Contact Detail and Personal Info

Facebook is an easy way to contact people you have recently met. If you are not on Facebook, and would like to swap details, offer yours to the person first and they can contact you when they are comfortable. (To join our secret facebook group send us an email.)


Have Fun

And if you need help with anything please contact us.