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We are a Melbourne based support group for trans masculine people and their allies.

Safe Schools community action meeting in Northcote on April 14 at 6pm

A Letter from Janet Rice, Australian Greens spokesperson for gender identity and intersex issues:

"Late on a Friday afternoon last month, when they thought nobody would notice, the Turnbull government announced it was gutting the Safe Schools Coalition. In one brief announcement, PM Turnbull and Minister Birmingham capitulated to the cavemen in their backbench, putting the program and its funding under threat.

With an election looming, it’s up to us to keep our schools safe.

As the old parties get drawn into political games there is a real risk that, without continued pressure, funding for the program could well be discontinued in 2017.

We’re getting together in Northcote to continue the campaign in support of Safe Schools. Join Senator Robert Simms, Greens candidate for Batman Alex Bhathal and me at a community action meeting to show our PM that he has to listen to us, not the dinosaurs.

All Australian students should be able to go to school, be themselves, and not be subject to bullying or discrimination. But the continued attacks from the dark recesses of the Coalition backbench have given the bullies a platform and put young LGBTI people at risk.

To keep up the pressure, we’ve called this community action meeting to work with you to help save this important program from a misguided, outdated conservative agenda.

Click here to RSVP, and together let’s show these dinosaurs that we’re going to keep fighting to save Safe Schools.

WHERE: Northcote Town Hall

WHEN: April 14th, 6 - 8pm

This is what Safe Schools is about - communities coming together to make sure that every child feels like they belong and feels comfortable at school.

See you there,

Janet Rice"

Transgender people could change birth certificates

Snap Rally/Action in defence of Safe Schools - Melbourne March 21 @ 6pm

Snap Rally/Action in defence of Safe Schools - Melbourne March 21 @ 6pm