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We are a Melbourne based support group for trans masculine people and their allies.

Minus18 Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal

"On Saturday night we hosted the largest ever Minus18 Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal, with 600 LGBTI young people from all over Victoria. It was amazing - but we couldn't have done it without your help.

Thanks to your support, the Formal was free for every single one of those young people to attend.

Do you know what else was really heart warming? On the night 30 older queer angels rocked up to the Formal to create a 'guard of honour' for the young people to send the message that no matter what homophobic crap gets said in the media, they will always have a place in this community where they are loved and supported.

The formal was also funded by the Victorian Government, and the HUGE amount of catering was provided 100% for free by Naked For Satan. We can't thank them enough - they really are one of the best sponsors we've ever had.

I'm still buzzing from night, and if you want to marvel in the good vibes, you can head on over to our
Facebook page here and have a look at the photos yourself if you haven't seen them already.

We'll have our wrap-up video out soon too! Thank you for believing in our mission to support LGBTI Aussie youth. We can't wait to share our next project with you.

Lots of love,

Micah Scott
Minus18 CEO"

Melbourne Girls’ College will fly the rainbow flag to show support for the LGBTQI community