What is happening?

From 1 April 2015, some types of Testosterone (such as Primotesten, Axiron, Reandron) currently available to all with PBS subsidy will only be available at a subsidised price to specific individuals.

What is the PBS?

The PBS Schedule lists all of the medicines available to be dispensed to patients at a Government-subsidised price. The Schedule is part of the wider Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme managed by the Department of Health and administered by Department of Human Services.

Who is affected?

Anyone who currently has Testosterone scripts filled and pays the PBS subsidised price. (ie $36 for Axiron, rather than $80)

If your gender is recorded on your Medicare record as “F”, then you do not have access to the PBS subsidy and will continue to pay full price for your testosterone.

If your gender is recorded on your Medicare record as “M”, you will now need to see an Endocrinologist (or make an appointment to see one) and provide their details to your GP who prescribes your Testosterone.

How can I get an Endocrinologist (Endo) / Specialist appointment?

·         Prahran Market Clinic has Dr Norman Roth, a member of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine, who will see transguys for the purposes of approval to access PBS subsidised testosterone.

·         Northside Clinic – Dr Jeff Willcox and Dr Pauline Cundill will write a referral for transguys  to Professor Jeffrey Zajak at the Endocrine Specialist Centre in Heidelberg.

o   All details will be included with the referral, and you will need to call to make an appointment – do not call the Centre without a GP referral.

o   Prof Zajac has agreed to see 2 x new clients (transguys) per week, but you only need to have an appointment booked – simply provide the endo details and appointment date and time to your GP to continue to have testosterone prescribed at the PBS subsidised price.

What if I’m not in Melbourne?

Transguys located in Country / Regional / Isolated areas – contact Andrew Eklund (FTM Shed Committee) via private message in Facebook, via email at or ph 0435634984 for advice.