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Transgender teen ‘Quinn’ to have double mastectomy before becoming male

Transgender teen ‘Quinn’ to have double mastectomy before becoming male

A TRANSGENDER 15-year-old, who has large breasts, will have a double mastectomy so he can look more masculine as he transitions from female to male.

While “Quinn’’ is yet to have male hormonal treatment, doctors have recommended he have “top surgery’’ first to remove his E cup breasts and give him a male chest, the Family Court heard.

World transgender health guidelines recommend hormonal treatment for at least a year before chest surgery, to allow an adolescent to adjust to the transition from female to male.

But the psychiatrist, other doctors and Quinn’s parents agreed he needed his breasts removed as soon as possible and on July 29 a judge decided Quinn was competent to consent to the surgery.

His mother told the court her child had dressed as a boy from the age of four and was becoming more depressed as time went on without the surgery.

She said he had fully researched the surgery, understood it would be painful and would have consequences for his ability to breast feed if he changed his mind in future.

The surgery will leave Quinn with the physical look of a male chest.

Quinn told a doctor it meant he would be able to go swimming, play sport and go to sleepovers.

“I’ll feel better. I don’t belong in this body like it is ... won’t have pain from the binder, I’ll be able to breathe properly,’’ he said.

“It will give me a chance to identify more as myself.’’

Quinn wants to go to TAFE as part of his Year 11 studies next year and said if he had the surgery he would not have to worry about new friends seeing his breasts.

Later, when he worked in his chosen trade, he said: “I’ll be more muscly and have a stable job.’’

Quinn was aware of the disadvantages of surgery, including pain, risk of infection and limited mobility for weeks while healing, but said it would be worth it.

He told the doctor he might have to miss his end-of-term school formal, but he would “just have to stay on the couch and watch Netflix for weeks’’.

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